Great Rattler Run, Oct 2016


The Vintage Adventurer...


Ocean-2-Ocean, USA and Oz


NEW: Great Rattler Run 2016

Vintage Adventurer Rod Wade has revealed his next adventure – the Great Rattler Run 2016, the followup to the 2015 Desert Rattler Run. This time Rod and his team will venture from the furthes...

The Paris Finish Line

Paris at last! The crews had to do it the hard way, nothing changes. Rod and Austen did 170k through the paddocks again and many villages.  The village people were out in force to welcome them throu...

Arrival in Reims

Today started with a jolt. If the cars were struggling or not, crews were not to drive direct to Reims via the freeway or we would be fined €100, which would be donated to charity! “We decided not...


Just clocked on to my night time job as a screen printer!

I'm printing up T-shirts for the crew. This is when I realise just how diversified my crew makeup is. Some ‘string beans’ and some that have beaten anorexia.

I'm going to screen up some shirts for the juniors of the crew family so the juniors will not feel left out whilst mums and dads wallow in mud and get drenched in the rain and dig tonnes of mud away so the vehicles can move!!!

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It is important when heading into the bush to be prepared for all possible events. Today I went to my local chain saw guy and met Mr Rude. I left with a couple of parts for my chain saws that ended up not being totally correct.

I was on the blower to another Stihl outlet and was told ‘we are a week behind in the service department but you can bring the chain saws down and possibly get them back tomorrow’!!! Been there before with that, so I went back to my computer and turned up a Stihl service agent and there was one not far from me at Harbour Town. I rang him because his web site said ‘give us a go’ . Well I met Mr Nice Guy all willing to help at 4.30 in the afternoon. All I can say is I will be back to for all my servicing and spares as well as new equipment in the future. Many thanks guys for helping me out with excellent customer service.

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The early bird catches the worm!!!!

It is not yet 10am Monday morning and I have been to Graffiti Stickers at Burleigh and had the signage attached to the trailer.

Now for the Hema maps.

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